How does highster mobile spy bluetooth work

You can also review deleted e-mails because they are uploaded to the Highster Mobile server before the target user can delete it from their smartphone. Remotely Uninstall the App — Remote installation would have been nice, but the next best thing is the ability to remotely uninstall the app. This makes the process of removal without a trace, very easy. Click here to view all features of highster mobile.

Is Highster Mobile A Scam?

Highster Mobile has a one price for one package setup. There is no subscription service, so the one time charge includes all future upgrades, etc. They do offer a service that allows you to download the software again if you lose your original download Extended Download Warranty , and the ability to get help for the initial setup Premium Support Package. Hey wait a minute, shouldn't those both be part of the base package! Why should you pay extra to be able to download the software again if you lose your copy, or need help on the installation!

You can visit the Highster Mobile website here. We honestly cannot recommend this software.


As much as I would like to tell you this is great software and make the sale for them, there are too many reasons for me not to advise someone to buy this product. Let's begin with the fact that their servers don't seem to be up and running all the time, and the app has a high rate of crashing.

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I had constant issues with only some of the messages or data being recorded and uploaded from the target phone. Some features on the Android test phone just outright never worked.

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  6. How it Works.

In addition the high negative customer feedback that Highster Mobile has attracted is the nail in the coffin as far as we are concerned. Unhappy customers and bad reviews across multiple websites are never a good thing!

How does highster mobile spy bluetooth work

If you feel that this software is for you, feel free to visit their site below. These reviews are meant to provide information only.

Stealth Camera NEW! Highster Mobile Features. Photos Log See Photos viewed on the phone. Videos Log See videos viewed on the phone. Snapchat Capture each messages sent and received via Snapchat application.

How to install Highster Mobile - #1 Spy App

Mobile monitoring You can monitor target phone from your mobile device. Facebook Logs Track Facebook Activities. Skype Logs Track Skype Activities. Instagram Logs Track Instagram Activities. Remote Uninstall Uninstall Tracking Remotely. Stealth Camera Track User Remotely. Live Control Panel Login in from any mobile device or computer. Lock Target phone Lock Target phone Activities. Notes User Notes Activities. Calendar User Calendar Activities. Twitter Track Twitter Activities.

Testimonial My daughter sends and recieves over text messages a month! Start monitoring today!