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Not everything is rosy in the virtual world of online.

Some things are never meant for minors, yet they are just too easy to find, too easy to encounter and too easy to do. REFOG Personal Monitor offers a non-intrusive way to monitor what your kids do online without blocking or restricting their activities in any way.

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Any attempt to block or restrict those resources is destined to fail. Forbidden fruit is sweet, and every block or restriction you impose is way too easy to overcome for the curious mind. By attempting to block certain types of resources you will likely reach just the opposite.

Social Networks. Chats and Voice Calls. Using the Webcam. Check your kids with a webcam by viewing the automatic captures.

Web Sites. Discover what Web sites your kids visit, which Web pages they read and how much time they spend on each Web resource. Capture raw key presses to review messages sent in unrecognized chats, forums or messaging apps.

What is WebWatcher

Comprehensive reports are available and delivered automatically to your email address. REFOG Personal Monitor is completely safe and family friendly, and is not considered a threat by even the most paranoid antivirus apps. This parental control software has had more than 2. Try the evaluation version free of charge!

Android monitoring

Parental control mode is available for a wide list of instant messengers and chat applications, Web browsers, email clients and other online applications. REFOG Personal Monitor saves chats and voice conversations, logs sent and received messages, and records messages submitted in various blogs and online forums. Custom stop-word lists are available to alert you immediately in case a suspected threat is detected.

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We guarantee to deliver the best protection against online threads for your kids. When it comes to protecting your kids against modern threats, traditional keyloggers are a thing of distant past. LanDetective lets you stay with your children every step of the way while they are playing or working online and as a responsible parent, you should always know what they are doing, who they are chatting with and whether they are doing their homework!

Internet Monitoring and Traffic Interception solutions. Internet usage monitoring made simple.

Internet Monitoring and Network Traffic Interception

LanDetective Internet Monitor. Web Monitoring. Email Monitoring. Chat Monitoring. Chat conversations monitoring - intercept IM messages. Why should you choose LanDetective Internet Monitor? You only pay once for LanDetective Internet Monitor — there is simple one-time fee with simplified licensing! Enjoy monitoring an unlimited number of client computers you can monitor for a one-time purchase.

You only pay for one time for LanDetective Internet monitor! Deploying LanDetective Internet Monitor requires no specialist skills or pre-installation of any software down onto client machines as everything is monitored server-side. This makes maintenance easy as there is only one place where the software is hosted.

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